Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Spindles

Oh Boy!! The last couple of weeks have been awesome. I've been branching out by opening a webstore and have been introducing some new spindles.

I've been putting some glass spindles in my store lately. The sweet little millefiori glass spindles spin like a tornado and weigh about .5 oz. A friend of mine loved spinning silk hankies with one. I've also been putting some murano foil glass spindles in my stores. They are so much fun and are heavier than the millefiori glass ones at about 1 oz. Although I haven't listed any like this yet, if I turn my shaft upside down with no hook, the murano glass spindles make a wonderful supported spindle. You don't even need a hook, just spin off the tip.

Last week I listed some spindles with removable Italian resin whorls. They were an immediate hit. I had to reorder the brown openwork ones because I sold so many last week. (Of course, I had to make one for myself!!)

I have been wanting to make some spindles with polymer clay whorls, but I've never worked with polymer clay. I found this fabulous Etsy seller who makes the most beautiful polymer clay canes and beads. She is in Israel and her shop is at http://www.marsdesign.etsy.com/. She made custom whorls for me and each one is different and gloriously beautiful. I have listed a couple in my shop now.

This is just too much fun!! Thanks everyone!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Grand Opening!!

Okay....I decided to branch out. I finally opened a webstore. You can find it at http://www.butterflygirldesigns.net/.

I went through Yahoo! because even though I have to pay a monthly fee, they have all the tools I need to set up my store without me having to buy some other program to manage my shop. The good thing about the webstore is that I can list my fiber by the ounce and people can order the amount they want from the website.

I'm going to keep my Etsy shop open as well. Etsy has been too good to me, I can't give it up. I will be updating both my Etsy shop and my wesite regularly.

Most of the fibers will be the same on both sites. There will be some fibers that stay exclusively with Etsy. There will be an assortment of spindles on each site.

Oh...I also started a spindle and fiber club. It is for 3 months and you get a drop spindle and 3 oz of fiber each month. This will be a way to get a variety of spindles from my shop and save some money as well.

Keep watching....I have some new type spindles that will be listed in the next couple of weeks!! They will be fabulous!!

Short update, no pics today, sorry!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy New Year!! (Isn't that cliche???)

As I sit here with a kitty kat in my lap......I'm thinking the new year has definitely been good so far.

I've been spending way TOO much time on Ravelry. The forums are great and I've made a lot of new friends. It's also helped me improve my spindles. Based on comments/observations by others on Ravelry, I've now changed a couple of things about my spindles to make them even better.

All my spindles now will have a hand bent swan style hook on them. (see pic)
Although my spindles spun great before, the new hook makes them spin even smoother!! Thanks to Kri on Ravelry for that tip.

Also, I'm now going to offer to notch the whorls on the customer's request. I'm not going to do it as a matter of course, because I think the un-notched circle of the stone looks quite beautiful and the spindle can easily be used without the notch. But for those of you who really want a notch, you've got it.

I "discovered" a great fiber!! Bamboo!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! I bought some batts from Loop! and spun them up with one ply as bamboo and the other spun firestar. (see pic)

I am now addicted to it.
I have posted some new batts
in my shop with this awesome fiber.

FUTURE TOPIC: The case for the bottom whorl spindle!!!