Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Well it's been a good and bad day.

Early this morning I got my invite to Ravelry!! Whopee!! It is so cool!!!!

So many people have said nice things about my Etsy shop. It's nice to know my items can give joy to others.

However, someone that I did a custom order for posted a bad review of the spindle on Ravelry. I can understand her being disappointed if the spindle did not meet her expectations, but wish that she had contacted me before making a posting. I refunded her money and hopefully that will make her feel better.

I received a spindle that I had purchased today that was a bead type top-whorl. It didn't spin very well until I added a matching stone that I have and now it spins great!!
Ohhh....I almost forgot....I discovered rave reviews about this spindlemaker named Golding. I went to the site and ended up ordering not one, not two, but THREE spindles. I've been disappointed by so many spindles that I guess I should have waited to see what one was like, but everyone seemed to like them so much I couldn't resist. One of the ones I ordered was a butterfly. OF COURSE!!

I also made a HUGE spindle this afternoon. If found a stone that is almost 4" across. I put it on a shaft with the rubber grommet and then added smaller stones on the top and the bottom. It is gorgeous and spins wonderfully!! It's kinda heavy though, and will mainly be for plying or thicker singles. I drilled holes in both ends of the shaft, so I can use as either top or bottom whorl by moving the hook. I don't think I am going to list this one on etsy...I like it too much!!(pictures are above)

I also got a request for a custom spindle set today. I put them together tonight and sent pics. I hope the buyer likes them!!


MissVicki said...

Great Googally Moogally!!! I can see why you don't want to part with that one :-)

Elemmaciltur said...

Oh're sooooo tempting me. Thank goodness you're not putting that up on Etsy. I just favourited the dark carved Moss Agate one. But I'll just drool over it for now. ;-)

Don't worry too much about negative comments, you can't please everybody. It's the same with podcasting. We've got bad comments about our content and *explicit* banters about our personal lives. But like I said, we can't please everybody and they also could have just unsubscribed. I usually go by the motto that if you haven't got something good to say, then just don't say it. I unsubscribed from 3 podcasts I usually listen to the other day, because they had been getting on my nerves a lot lately...but I just decided to leave them instead of saying bad things about them.

Same thing here with your spindles. If you haven't got anything good to say then don't say it. If you must get it out of your chest, then you should do so in private with the seller and not trumpeting it out to the world using the excuse that you want to "warn" other people about it.

Okay, sorry that this comment has turned into a kind of rant, but that's my view on this kind of topic.

dawn said...

I don't blame you...that stone is really remarkable. Haven't seen anything like it. When you find more, *then* you can make one for your store!