Monday, March 3, 2008

Grand Opening!!

Okay....I decided to branch out. I finally opened a webstore. You can find it at

I went through Yahoo! because even though I have to pay a monthly fee, they have all the tools I need to set up my store without me having to buy some other program to manage my shop. The good thing about the webstore is that I can list my fiber by the ounce and people can order the amount they want from the website.

I'm going to keep my Etsy shop open as well. Etsy has been too good to me, I can't give it up. I will be updating both my Etsy shop and my wesite regularly.

Most of the fibers will be the same on both sites. There will be some fibers that stay exclusively with Etsy. There will be an assortment of spindles on each site.

Oh...I also started a spindle and fiber club. It is for 3 months and you get a drop spindle and 3 oz of fiber each month. This will be a way to get a variety of spindles from my shop and save some money as well.

Keep watching....I have some new type spindles that will be listed in the next couple of weeks!! They will be fabulous!!

Short update, no pics today, sorry!!


Elemmaciltur said...

Wow, congrats on the new site!

And you're tempting me with your club!

sdmags said...

How cool. I was just getting to the point where I'm thinking about jumping into the spinning pool since I have just been sitting on the patio chair watching the water. It seems so overwhelming. I saw an ad on Ravelry to your site and am reading your blog. I'm planning on taking a spinning class at the community center at the end of the month and am exciting and looking forward to it. Your spindles are very pretty instead of the CD ones that I have seen. Would like more info on your club....